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About Us:

Chef Colin Kohl and his team at Park Tavern in St. Louis Park has a new project finally ready to be unveiled. After many months of meticulous planning and thoughtful consideration, we bring you: Pāku Ramen. 

At Pāku Ramen, we aspire to bring you a Japanese noodle soup that refines and elevates the concept of umami (savory-ness). And there is no better way to explore the depths of umami, than with one of our carefully crafted Ramen bowls. Our earthy broth is dashi based (kombu and bonito), and it simmers for 10 hours. Our fresh noodles are a perfect pairing. Each bowl has its own unique flavor addition to match the protein. All our sauces are made in house, as well as our fishcakes, seaweed salad and sunomono. Our gyoza is handmade everyday. We are a delivery-only experience, so place an order today. 頂きます (Itadakimasu)!